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The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation:


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The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation is a registered 501©3 non-profit organization, devoted to helping expectant mothers have the healthiest pregnancies possible. We believe this is important for not only the health benefit of mothers and babies but also for the future of human prosperity. We are here to offer our assistance during your pregnancy, so you can stay healthy and feel good from the start. Join our hundreds of member communities and get the support you need for safe and healthy child delivery.

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The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation understands the importance of establishing a strong support system in preparation for your new baby’s arrival. We have launched our program, The Doula Project Resource, to give families the support they need; before, during and after pregnancy. 

Our doulas provide labor assistance and valuable resources to enhance your birth outcome and experience. Throughout your pregnancy, during the birth, and postpartum period, The Doula Project will be by your side as both your biggest advocate and emotional anchor.

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