Miscarriage Matters, Inc. is a community of love, support and encouragement. Our goal is to assist those who seek comfort, in hopes that one day, they will be strong enough to “pay it forward” and help others heal. This isn’t just a support group, we are parents who have all suffered Pregnancy and/or Early Infant Loss. Unfortunately, many of us didn’t find support and for that reason, we have an overwhelming drive and determination to let others know that they are not alone in their grief.  If you need support, we hope that you will allow us the opportunity to be there for you. On the other hand, if you’re a survivor who’s healed, we’d like to also take this opportunity to offer you the chance to “pay it forward” and volunteer.

We are not licensed counselors or doctors; we are simply PARENTS who have experienced the loss of our child/children, willing to offer our friendship and a listening ear. While you will never forget your loss, with time and support, you can begin to heal. Don’t Delay, Join Today…Because Your Miscarriage Matters.

Pregnancy Loss | Miscarriage Matters, Inc. | United States (mymiscarriagematters.org) 

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